Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rich Rod on thin ice?

Rich Rodriguez has had a rough time ever since he took the Michigan job and this could potentially be his last year. Its not that unlikely that he wont be back after next season if Michigan struggles once again and that may very well be possible. Michigan is losing its 3 best players from its atrocious defense from last season. If losing LB Stevie Brown and stud DE Brandon Graham wasnt enough, Michigan's top CB Donavan Warren decided to bolt for the NFL after his junior year now to. So now it looks like Michigans really bad defense from last season just got worse and that could lead to the end of the Rich Rod era. Michigan will need guys young guys like big Will Campbell, J.T Turner, Craig Roh, and other to really step up thier game for the defense to be ok. It will probably help that these guys finally have the same defensive coordinator as last year and the same scheme. Either that or Michigan's offense is going to really have to carry this team next season. Tate Forcier gave Michigan fans a lot to cheer for early in the year but his play along with Denard Robinson late in the season leave a lot of fans leary of how well this offense can be. When Foricer did well Michigan won and when he struggled like he did against Ohio State, Michigan struggled and lost.

I think Michigan will need to win atleast 7 games and beat Michigan State and either show up against OSU or upset them for RR to keep his job. Lets not forget Michigan will have a new Athletic Director next season so Rich Rod will need to impress him in order to keep his job because after all this isnt going to be the AD that hired him and has supported him so far.

I have been a big Rich Rod supporter and will continue to be. I think he has brought a new exciting style of football to Ann Arbor and even though the program and team have been through a lot I think we will see very soon that he was the right guy for the job. Things will need to go a lot better next year though and we will have to make a bowl game and probably beat MSU atleast for RR to stick around though. So this season will ve very interesting.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pistons should look into T-Mac Trade

Thier is a lot of rumors that the Rockets are really trying to trade Tracy McGrady and I think the Pistons should really look into it. I would even consider trading Tay and Rip for him. I know T-Mac isnt the same player he was a few years ago, he is still good but the main point to this trade is the 23 million dollar expiring contract he has. This would give us a good chunk to spend next offseason again. Everyone knows of the big name players that could become FA's and this would put the Pistons in prime position to make a run at one of them. My top 2 targets would be Chris Bosh or Carlos Boozer. Both are front court players and have loads of talent. Bosh seems to be pretty good friends with Charlie V so that might be another draw to get him and I believe Boozer said last season he wouldnt mind playing here. If we could add one of those players to our roster next season and kept most of our current players we would be very good. This is what our roster could look like with maybe some other vets thrown in.

Charlie V/J-Max